Buying a Home

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Buying a Home:  Better Preparation = Better Results


Most folks begin their home search on the Internet, usually five or six months before they plan to buy. They spend all that time keeping it a secret from the real estate world because the Internet is anonymous and they like it that way.

I do the same thing when reviewing my home, auto, or business insurance; I want to think about it for a while without being “sold” until I’m ready to act. No big deal because insurance is easy to modify or replace if it turns out there are better options elsewhere – going it alone carries little downside.

Real estate, however, is not easily changed or undone so starting a Home Search without the proper Research can be a huge waste of time and a lost opportunity to do what matters most.

Searching for months to “get a feel for the market” is harmless enough, but wouldn’t a person do better by using that time to first connect with a professional who will be able to define the market more accurately and assist in advising an effective strategy? There is so much more to buying a home than the home search itself; the proper groundwork can make all the difference between buying smart or not smart – or not buying at all.

People will do what they want regardless, but here are a few reasons that home buyers may want to consider talking to a Realtor BEFORE starting a home search – even if it is just getting a general sense of the market:

Finding a home is the easiest part of real estate; managing the risk of buying that home is the hardest part. The best way to manage risk successfully is for the Buyer and Realtor to be in sync. and that requires time to get to know each other. A focus on that relationship is what matters above everything else.

Discover what needs to be discovered. Prepare now in order to get the best results later. Know the issues that can disqualify a Buyer even after the Lender gives a Pre Approval. Know what will make a purchase offer more likely to be accepted by the seller. Know what contingencies need to be negotiated and installed in the purchase agreement. Know the critical dates.

Unless someone does the business of real estate every day they will not appreciate how small details can derail plans or add needless costs.

It’s a good idea for Buyers to get an early start with a good Realtor so the home search will be relevant and have a solid strategy – the Buyer needs to avoid deals that are made under pressure and entered into with huge blind spots, making a deal that is not so ideal.

Finding the right Realtor BEFORE the home search will allow enough time for the Realtor to understand the buyer’s ultimate goal and what considerations should be applied to the search. The more time that is allowed to know the buyer, the more effectively the Realtor can research property and offer insights that are not apparent at first glance.

Buyers who worry about being hassled with calls and emails can easily defeat that with four simple words. But I only share that secret privately.

Why use a Realtor at all? Search for that topic in my blog – it’s worth the read and will make a positive difference.