Is The National Association of Realtors Asleep???

In response to the idea that Redfin is promoting: Encouraging consumers to bypass true representation in the purchase of a home. True representation is different than pseudo representation. True representation includes vigorous advocacy and due diligence, whereas pseudo representation is in name only – it is neither vigorous nor diligent.


Redfin is proving that they (as a business model) do not believe in their own worth and have very little respect for the consumer. Why else would they suggest to anyone that there is no need for vigorous representation, and all the due diligence associated with it?

The answer is that don’t provide advocacy (at the highest level) because they don’t believe in advocacy. It appears they are looking for shortcuts so they can build volume over value.

Maybe the NAR should rethink the code of ethics and why the association was formed in the first place. Use some of those NAR dues to flood the airways and print media to remind everyone of our mission – to manage the risk associated with 11 pages of small print in a legally binding document, providing contingencies that will protect specific issues, and offering reliable resources that will help bring about a successful close – in other words, being an actual advocate for the client instead of collecting money for just going through the motions.

Personally, I believe that any Realtor (and especially any brokerage) that promotes the idea of non-representation should be denied the title of Realtor – because non representation (or the essence of non representation) is diametrically opposed to the Realtor’s Code of Ethics, which is to protect the consumer’s best interest first and foremost. Does the Code mean anything or not?



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