What Clients Say

A few comments from my past client pool – without edit:

From Jessica E.

Thank you. You have been amazing in helping us through this process. You have truly made this an almost stressless process. We loved working with you.


From Angela Hillard:

Ken was honest and kept me in the loop on the purchasing process of my new home. I enjoyed working with Ken he understood my needs and concerns. Got back to me quickly with answers and resources. I would highly recommend Ken as a realtor! 🙂


From Lesley Shear:

I started working with Ken long before needing a realtor or listing our house. Having lived in the same neighborhood, I was the recipient of his Arbor Vineyards Real Estate updates. These were packed full of information and his dedication and knowledge was clear. I started reaching out to him, asking for input and advice, as we were looking to sell in the following 8-12 months. Ken was always quick to respond, gave great insight and was very knowledgeable. When trying to decide when to list, he was happy to pull data from the previous year of sales according to the different months. Ken made coordinating a sale from out of state a breeze. He suggested we do a pre-listing inspection which we did and are thankful we did. What issues were found, were able to be taken care of in a timely manner, before listing, and made the sale negotiations minimal. One issue found upon inspection was a minor mold issue in the attic. Even that, Ken was very knowledgeable on and gave me multiple remediation company recommendations.
Ken’s sale plan was like nothing we’ve experienced: professional photos, house website, text number linked to the house, etc. Within four days we had over five offers, majority over list price. Throughout the whole process, Ken kept us updated as to the current status and what we should expect. He was always willing to lend an opinion when asked but was never overbearing or pushy. I highly recommend Ken for any realtor needs.


from: Hollis, Lisa <Lisa.Hollis@providence.org>

As a young single women looking to buy her first home, I was so nervous. I had expectations for my first home and I didn’t want to settle. Ken put forth an extreme amount of effort sending me homes that were just hitting the market. He was open to my declinations and willing to learn just what I was after. I spent many evenings and weekends perusing Portland looking for my dream home. Ken worked tirelessly to help me, and on one Saturday, after looking at 22 different homes, we found the house for me! Ken’s work finding my home didn’t stop there. He had amazing connections in the community and his recommendations for a loan officer and home inspector were incredible. They both took equally good care of me and went above and beyond. Ken is a total family man and I felt so comfortable in all of our encounters. It always felt more like catching up with an old friend over coffee than a business transaction. I have referred other friends to Ken and they have had an equally great experience. I would not hesitate to use Ken during my next home search!


From David and Brenda

We have both purchased a home and sold a home with the assistance and guidance of Principal Broker, Ken Reetz. In both instances our experience with Mr Reetz was excellent and we were beyond pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and communication we received each and every step of the way. Mr Reetz has a wealth of knowledge with years of experience, and we were so blessed to tap into his wisdom and guidance while making so many decisions during our buying/selling process. We highly recommend Mr Reetz for your real estate broker, you won’t be disappointed!


To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of working with Ken Reetz beginning in December of 2014 until April of 2015 when I purchased my first home. As a first time home buyer I found Ken to be honest, patient, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I had many questions related to the home buying process and Ken was happy to answer all of my questions and made me feel comfortable and confident. I was especially pleased with Ken for his ability to advocate for me and how quick he was to work on offers of homes I was interested in. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone who is looking to purchase a home.

Thank you,
Thomas Norby 503-460-7263


From Bruce

You helped me sell the home that belonged to my girlfriend who passed away in 2012. It took the better part of a year to clean out and prepare the home for sale, and you were a fantastic guide for me since I had never actually sold a house before, let alone deal with a home covered by a probate case. Your tips on getting through the process, setting up the home, and recommendations for a contractor to make the appropriate fixes all proved immeasurably valuable to me. I also remember what is probably the best advice, which was to hire an inspector before selling and get a report and then address as many of the negatives as possible before listing the house. This was excellent advice and really sped the process up and gave potential buyers the confidence that the home was free of major issues.

As a result of your help, we sold the home for a fair price and made the family who inherited it happy.

I also liked your easy style. It was very easy to work with you.

If and when I need to sell or buy another home, I will look you up!

Best Regards,
Bruce Macdougall

from:  Jennifer M


Dustin and I really loved working with you. You were able to fit our needs perfectly. We appreciated the way that you advocated for us and were appropriately cautious on things that would not have even been on our radar.

From Greg

You made the process very easy and were very flexible and available to show us houses that fit our criteria. You helped us decide what kind of offer to make when we found a house we liked and made the closing process very simple and stress free.

Btw, our remodel is in full swing and should wrap up around Christmas. We’re adding a new bedroom and bath upstairs and doubling the kitchen and dining area downstairs. Here is a pic

Greg Batzler


From Charlie & Ruth:

Well, we finally got through it. Ruth and I wanted to thank you for doing a fine job in handling our real estate transaction; you are a very patient man and certainly know your stuff. Stop by anytime and say hello.

Charlie & Ruth
Newberg, OR

From Glen and Pat:

Ken, we’ve been one of those “old folks” that can’t make up their mind and yet you never made us feel rushed or pressured in any way. We like your style and appreciate the way you got us out of that sticky mess over on the 147th house – thank you a million times. You were right in saying that we would eventually find the perfect place. We sure did and we owe that to you. We don’t plan to move ever again, but will tell anyone asking who we think is the best realtor around. Coffee is on anytime you’re in the area.

Glen & Pat


From Mr. and Mrs. Wang

Mrs. Wang wanted to stick to you, and I agreed to her.  Her reason is that it’s a matter of commitment, because you work so much for them and give them report all the time on what is happening.

Debbie (Commercial Real Estate Agent who noticed one of my slide shows on another property and wanted me to help her friends sell their residential home. Debbie also was an interpreter between my English and the client’s Chinese Mandarin). Selling a million dollar home in 2008 was a tough assignment – they insisted on a price that was over market value and it was taking time to get interest.

The Wangs
Gresham, OR


From Steve & Emile

Hi Ken it is so good to hear from you.  I hope things are going well for you and your holidays are wonderful. That is so sweet of you to offer us a pizza, but you really don’t have to.  I suggest you to others because you are so great to work with.

Steve & Emily

Note: The Pizza reference was my thank you to them for a referral.

From Charles & Darleen

…we will never forget the way you helped us two years ago when we bought this place and wouldn’t consider anyone else to represent us now that we need to sell and move back to Arizona.

Charlie & Darlene
Northeast Portland

From Steve:
you were committed to finding a home for us while maintaining all of the criteria that we had given you. You were always professional, and it was very comfortable to work with you. You spent a lot of time getting to know us and understand us so that you could better understand what it was we were looking for in a house. You found us a house that was not only perfect for us at the time, but was a great value, and will end up being the home we live in for the rest of our lives. 

You will always be the first person we reach out to if we should ever recommend someone, or need a new property. 
Steve Bigham






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